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Going big! We have added a new site located in Macha Country to our portfolio

Nature never gives up. This could be the motto of our newest natural site.

Growing yet again, our portfolio now includes a complex of former wetland meadows near the village of Heřmaničky, which lies in the northern part of the Kokořín region, near famous Lake Mácha.

Currently, the most significant feature of this natural site consists of five open drainage ditches, which–unfortunately–function very efficiently, drawing water from meadows that were once wet and full of peat.

But even though the state of this piece of land is pretty bad, it does offer a few happy stories, with one of the examples being the water violet (hottonia palustris), which grows in one of the open drainage ditches and is clearly thriving there.

In the Czech Republic, the water violet is a rare plant and, as an endangered species, is protected by law. Therefore, we’re very happy that it has found a refugium in our site and we’ll be sure to proceed carefully with our restoration plans in order to not cause any harm.

More about the new natural site here.

(Photos taken in late May.)