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Moving East (and Dry). We Are Celebrating a New Acquisition

“You know, the project to protect salamanders, newts and frogs.” This is the definition our friends usually go for when talking about Refugium, being strongly convinced we only think about water and species tight to it as a criteria for investment in new sites.

And truth be told–so far, it probably did look like that.

But no more!

We are happy to announce the acquisition of a new site. A piece of nature you can stroll around without rain boots! 🎉

As of this fall, we have been looking after 2 hectares of land in the White Carpathians (Bílé Karpaty) Protected Landscape Area.

The site includes orchid meadows. Yes, the renowned “semi-natural dry grasslands and scrub on calcareous substrates” (with an emphasis on the word “dry”), an important site for orchids. So important that, in terms of the abundance and diversity of the orchid species, the White Carpathians are ranked among the most precious in Europe.

Our site is located in the protection zone of the Jazevčí National Nature Reserve, which belongs to the most significant botanical hotspots in the region. That being said, we are eagerly waiting for spring to come, so we can dive into a thorough field work and see firsthand what’s blooming.

P. S.: Worry not, salamanders, newts and frogs still mean the world to us!