Though all of us come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, we all believe in the need to invest in naturally valuable sites to ensure that they’re not swallowed up by the agricultural sector or lose their unique biodiversity through gradual degradation. For us, it’s a matter of environmental responsibility, our duty to future generations. We also think that involving private capital in nature conversation will make money flow where it most makes sense.
We select sites with exceptional biodiversity. Sites that contain rare and endangered plant and animal species and are part of our unique natural heritage.

We protect these lands, often islands surrounded by agriculture, save them from extinction, and work alongside experts to look after them in a biologically sensible way.
We’re an environmental land company that invests in naturally valuable land in the Czech Republic.
Prokop Svoboda
Eliška Kolomazníková
Filip Lysák
Entrepreneur and amateur biologist. I took a long break from my environmental activities when I began working in real estate at the end of the last millennium. I co-founded Svoboda & Williams in 2006. Despite the fact, or maybe because my field of work is often far removed from nature, my enthusiasm for amphibians and reptiles never left me.

A few years ago, I decided to support the Zamenis Association, which has been protecting the Aesculapian snake in the Poohří area for a long time. This cooperation led me to meet inspiring biologists and environmentalists, whose work has produced results due to their zeal and persistence. I started my own project, which, with the help of enthusiastic naturalists, will preserve extremely valuable natural sites.
Project manager
I like to work on projects in which I can detect an aspect of public service, which is why I originally worked in media. I went through several TV editorial branches, but was happiest in the science department of Czech Television, where I could work on segments that popularized the natural sciences.

Nature has always been part of my life. I come from a family of ecologists, ornithologists, and falconers. When Prokop called me to let me know he was setting up this project and needed help, I didn't hesitate long before accepting his offer.

At Refugium, I create content, handle any communication, build the brand and our list of contacts... It's only slightly in jest that I introduce myself as Prokop's right-hand woman.
Member of the environmental council
My job description could best be summarized as "restoration ecologist." The issues of ecosystem functioning and habitat revitalization have been fundamental to me since I was young and "virtually" designing changes to the streams around the village where I grew up.

I followed my interest by studying environmental protection and creation (at Palacký University in Olomouc) and began working on my projects more systematically at the turn of the millennium. Since then, I have taken part in a number of revitalizations, but in retrospect I'm proudest of three of them: the restoration of the peatland habitats in the Loučenské ponds Special Area of Conservation, the South Moravian salt marches in Dobré Pole and Novosedly, and the peat bog in the Chvojnov nature reserve.

My role in Refugium consists of selecting and assessing nature sites. If we decide to purchase them upon consulting other experts, I then prepare proposals for minor changes, management plans, or entire revitalization projects.

Environmental organizations, associations, environmental institutes, experts in landscape management, and individual enthusiasts. Our partners help us find and asses natural sites, and also to take care of them. We consult with them about many issues, including how best to care for each site, so that everything we do is in line with best practices and the latest scientific findings.

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