In the Czech Republic, the environment is mostly the domain of the state and non-profit organizations, but Refugium is neither.

We’re a joint-stock company, and as such are entering the world of Czech nature conservation in a never-tried-before role. But we believe in what we are doing since, as a business, we have access to private capital and the corporate world.

Nature conservation in the hands of business.
Investing in Refugium can actively build your company’s responsible environmental image. Companies can also green their investment portfolios and optimize them according to ESG principles in order to be in line with sustainable investment criteria.

We’re here for companies that want to help the environment, but can’t do so on their own.

Time to
be green
Investing in
the future
In terms of valuation, as society becomes more and more aware of the natural value of environmental habitats and healthy ecosystems, we can safely assume that the financial value of these lands will also increase.

We’re also here for individuals who want the environment to be preserved for future generations. Speaking of the future, our refugia are also reliable preservers of financial value.

Financial instruments

Purchasing a bond allows companies to support a specific project to restore one of the natural sites in our portfolio.

But it’s also an investment instrument that is used in corporate accounting over the long term and so has the added advantage of sustained “efficiency.”

We cooperate with:

For visionaries and die-hard fans. Buying shares in Refugium offers investors who agree with our vision the opportunity to become long-term partners.

The funds raised from the sale of shares are used exclusively to expand our portfolio, i.e. to acquire valuable natural sites in the Czech Republic.

Restoration projects:
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